Facebook Free – Day 2,3 & 4

Ok…i know these are 3 different days in one post…but i haven’t got time to post…

DAY 2 – Ok, this has no effect on me. Besides, I haven’t been on a computer all day….so it doesn’t really matter :).

DAY 3 – Wednesday, and all I can say is, IT’S HALF OVER! I’m getting kinda bored without people to chat to, and I really want to play tetris battle! I’m just happy I’m not addicted to games like Farmville and Fronteirville, then I would be panicking (OH NO! MY CROPS ARE DYING!). Sorry to those who are addicted…didn’t mean to insult you peoples :p

DAY 4 – Well…i have long block off today…and I can’t spend it on Facebook. Because I want to play tetris, i decided to make an account on Tetris Friends. It’s good enough for the time being. Let’s just say, once 3:00 strikes tomorrow…i’ll be back on Facebook. People in my orchestra I think are trying to contact me, and raging right now 😀 !!!

-Jordan Y (ICT 11: Modular Survey Block 4)

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