Final Facebook Free XIII

That was the most horrible week I’ve ever had. I felt like I was shut off from the rest of the world, forever alone; being home alone really did mean being home alone. Any attempts of communication could be only directed at a nearby wall, and possibly some random stranger on the other side of the wall who happened to be listening in for some reason. Is that what this Facebook-free challenge intended for me to do; for some creepy, random stranger next door to stalk me in my own home?

But in all seriousness, this week resulted in little change for me, and probably for anyone else I know in my class here (especially since most of them are in the same situation as I, and do not even own a Facebook account- or at least have a forgotten, disabled one).  I should have probably followed my previously mentioned challenge instead from the beginning of the week, which would have impacted my life a lot more than this.

I can’t be complaining here, though- this week has been a great week, full of unexpectedly awe-inspiring test results, little to no work every day, and most importantly, quite a lot of free time in the computer class (I’m still doing my best to finish them, I swear).

Everything went better than expected.

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