Facebook Free – Final Day :D (Adrian Ho)

Well, we’ve reached the last leg of this long, drawn out struggle. I have, despite accuring thousands of little e-wounds, bloodied, battered and barely conscious, emerged victorious — standing atop a mound of dead Facebook apps, Likes, statuses, friends and minigames.

Just kidding.

This time I’ve got absolutely nothing random to write… I’m sorry! It must be those horrible withdrawal symptoms.. I’ll break any moment!

I did read the newspaper entry through Mr. Hamlin’s site… it was very well written despite that minor factual inaccuracy — that everybody in the class used Facebook religiously, or something to that degree. Ironically, the gentleman included a small entry from my own blog post… and out of context it sounded like I genuinely cared for my Facebook, that it was a huge relief that I’d taken it down, and that I’d used it a lot and relied on it a lot.

Apart from that, Everything went better than expected, despite my lack of expectations in the first place. It would have been a very interesting experience to… experience a weeklong Facebook-free life as somebody who relied on it a tad bit more than I did. Seeing  as how it would be analogous to denying me the blissful, escapist pleasure of playing vidya games, I doubt I would have lasted very long. So many hats off to those resolute scoundrels who held the line in the face of social networking!

But who would know? Maybe a week without games might have positively impacted my studying habits, or maybe it would have made me think about how much time I was wasting staring at a computer screen for hours. Not that I’d do anything else,  to be honest.

It’s been an interesting week! And despite all of the fascinating twists and turns, it’s a bittersweet end to Facebook Free. Now all of you socialites can leave the realm of Facebook-free and rejoin the slavery that is Facebook.

Hopefully for you people it was interesting living the life of a social-networking-deprived social deviant,  playing video games (working on your gaming tan at that), snorting at your various memes and in-jokes as the world passed by without you. For a week.


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