Why Facebook Free?

To begin I would like to clarify that this is not an Anti-Facebook forum. I personally have nothing against Facebook or anything related to it. I see it as an evolved communication and networking tool. I also am aware that this view barely scratches the surface of the role this site is playing in many people’s lives.
Facebook is quickly becoming a one-stop shop for communication, gaming, socializing, advertising, and sharing information. There are over 500 million people around the world connected to this behemoth and the truth is in the numbers. Facebook is not just a passing fad or trend. It’s use is not merely segregated to the young either.

It has an interface that is accessible to all and is widely used across multiple demographics, nationalities, and age ranges.

As an educator dealing primarily in IT classes, Facebook is something I see on a daily basis. While many of my colleagues view Facebook use in school in a negative light – I have yet to make a firm decision on this as I try to be open to any and all new technologies that are being widely adopted by the masses.

Facebook is becoming so intrinsically meshed with people’s lives – having it on their phones and mobile devices now makes it simple to never have a need to “disconnect”. I have seen cases where Facebook use has ventured into the realm of addictive behaviour patterns that result in significant stress and emotional reactions when the use of the site is restricted.

For the duration of this week (February 28 – March 4) – I have challenged my students ranging in ages from 15-18 to go 5 days without accessing Facebook at school, at home, or on mobile devices. As part of this process, we will be blogging and sharing our thoughts and feelings on this experiment in this public forum.

We welcome and look forward to any comments and feedback you may have. Please feel free to join in or try this experiment for yourself. What will be the effect of disconnecting? Will it be as bad as you imagine? We look forward to sharing our experiences with you.

Facebook Free – Day 5 (YAY!) :D

Well….I made it ūüėÄ

It’s day 5 of facebook-free! And yes, I survived…

For me, Facebook isn’t really a big deal for me, but I’m really wondering what’s been going on right now. I must have millions of notifications now!

It’s been interesting. What a week….


Day Five Without FB.

Well, it’s the last day of the Facebook-free Week and I can proudly say that I have stayed clean.¬†It’s easy to refrain¬†from it.¬†¬†Nothing out of the ordinary has happened as a result of doing the challenge, but I have become more aware of the positive and negative effects of Facebook.¬†I also know that too much of anything is a bad thing. I¬†still use¬†Facebook occasionally, so I’ll probably log in after class just for fun. xD


Facebook Free Day 5

I have such an exquisite experience about logging to Facebook. I felt that I have enough energy to do so many things. But I felt bad that I have to lose touch to the world and I do not know how my friends are going to think of me. I will never forget this exquisite experience it really makes me feel very energetic.

Last Day

Finally. I was able to stay out of Facebook¬†for ONE WEEK. I am proud of my self. I¬†would’ve never¬†done it in 10000 years. Well that was an accomplishment and it really helped me to realize how addicted to Facebook¬†I¬†was. Now I¬†know how to manage my time and also check my Facebook.

Facebook Free – Final Day (Summary)

¬†¬†¬† Well, its been a very successful run. I can say truthfully that I have not been on Facebook at all this week. I’m glad that we were featured in the newspapers, but its pretty sad that they cut me out of the picture. I actually enjoyed this project because it felt like it was training my self control. I’m pretty glad that I will be able to go on Facebook soon, not because I rely on it, but just the feeling that I’ve accomplished something.


oh.¬† day 5, at last.¬† now, that wasn’t too hard, innit?

Thank god, it’s Friday.¬† I never thought it would happen, able to abstain from Facebook.This was a great week and I’ve’nt done much work, so all the better.

So, we’ve made it this far.¬† The final hour is approaching.¬† I really doubt there’s anyone who can’t take it no more. This was a pretty easy adventure, ready for more.¬† This is one small step for communication, not online, but with actual people, hah.¬† If we can do this, imagine what the world can be like.¬† We’ll all know people skills, able to make small talk and persuading to get what you want.¬† This is what the modern teenager is lacking.

this is 99.¬† just one more ’til the end.

Facebook Free Week- The end

      Hi, everyone , today is the last day of our Facebook free week.It looks

like there is a happy ending with this project. Totally , the week without

Facebook is pretty good, not like what other people think( painful,boring)

¬†¬†¬†¬† I did many other things during this week . I made myself busy so I didn’t

have chance to touch my laptop.If I don’t use laptop,I¬†wouldn’t login Facebook.

That’s my way , helps me a lot !¬†( lol). This is a really interesting experience .

¬†¬†¬† Thanks to Mr.Hamlin for making the Great idea…


Well, I guess it’s over now.

I am now going back into my daily routine of using Facebook. I have a queer feeling that I might miss this campaign afterwards. I think this was a great experience for me and my ICT classmates.

Before I log into Facebook, I would like to appreciate the technology that one has invented for the world. Throughout this campaign, I realized how different my life would have been if there was no such thing as Facebook.


Facebook Free – Final Day :D (Adrian Ho)

Well, we’ve reached the last leg of this long, drawn out struggle. I have, despite accuring thousands of little e-wounds, bloodied, battered and barely conscious, emerged victorious — standing atop a mound of dead Facebook apps, Likes, statuses, friends¬†and minigames.

Just kidding.

This time I’ve got absolutely nothing random to write… I’m sorry! It must be those horrible withdrawal symptoms.. I’ll break any moment!

I did read the newspaper entry through Mr. Hamlin’s site… it was very well written despite that minor factual inaccuracy — that everybody in the class¬†used Facebook religiously, or something to that degree. Ironically, the gentleman included a small entry from my own¬†blog post… and out of context it sounded like I genuinely cared for my Facebook, that it was¬†a huge relief that I’d taken it down, and that I’d used it a lot and relied on it a lot.

Apart from that, Everything¬†went better than expected, despite my lack of expectations in the first place. It would have been a very interesting experience to… experience a weeklong Facebook-free life as somebody who relied on it a tad bit more than I did. Seeing¬† as how it would be analogous to denying me the blissful, escapist¬†pleasure of playing vidya games, I doubt I would have lasted very long. So many hats off to those resolute scoundrels who held the line in the face of social networking!

But who¬†would know? Maybe a week without games might have positively impacted my studying habits, or¬†maybe it would have made¬†me think about how much time I was wasting staring at a computer screen for hours. Not that I’d do anything else,¬† to be honest.

It’s been an interesting week! And despite all of the fascinating twists and turns, it’s a bittersweet end to Facebook Free. Now all of you socialites can leave the realm¬†of Facebook-free and rejoin the slavery that is Facebook.

Hopefully for you people it was interesting living the life of a social-networking-deprived social deviant,  playing video games (working on your gaming tan at that), snorting at your various memes and in-jokes as the world passed by without you. For a week.


Last of the Epic test

 Well, its been an a normal week, and my feelings have been quite average. It did not seem change my lifestyle, and I think I will probably steer clear of facebook for another week or so. Maybe I can be the person with internet access to facebook that has not gone on Facebook for the longest period of time. I do believe that taking some time off facebook can be good for the mind, since the habit of going on facebook everyday is not the best way to spend your time. I thought this was a good exercise that give me insight on what people really thought about facebook and this infomation I know I can and will recall as a great example of a successful event.

So long and and thanks for all the news!



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