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The final day :S

Well, it’s finally the final day of this week. There hasn’t been any real changes to my daily life, except for the fact that I’m writing this post every now and then. To be honest, yet again, Facebook hasn’t really been much of an issue since I don’t use it too often. I guess I’ve enjoyed writing these blog posts since they help pass time and provide me with work from an mildly educational standpoint. Well, if I could do something better I would probably go for it, but unfortunately it’s class and that’s just life. It’s been nice knowing you all, for anybody who actually reads this on a daily basis…


Final Facebook Free XIII

That was the most horrible week I’ve ever had. I felt like I was shut off from the rest of the world, forever alone; being home alone really did mean being home alone. Any attempts of communication could be only directed at a nearby wall, and possibly some random stranger on the other side of the wall who happened to be listening in for some reason. Is that what this Facebook-free challenge intended for me to do; for some creepy, random stranger next door to stalk me in my own home?

But in all seriousness, this week resulted in little change for me, and probably for anyone else I know in my class here (especially since most of them are in the same situation as I, and do not even own a Facebook account- or at least have a forgotten, disabled one).  I should have probably followed my previously mentioned challenge instead from the beginning of the week, which would have impacted my life a lot more than this.

I can’t be complaining here, though- this week has been a great week, full of unexpectedly awe-inspiring test results, little to no work every day, and most importantly, quite a lot of free time in the computer class (I’m still doing my best to finish them, I swear).

Everything went better than expected.

Day 5 – D-Day

All is in peace at last.

I am allowed back on Facebook soon, and I will join my friends in the cyber world once again! No more feeling behind and “not up to date.” 🙂

I have learned that I actually can spend less time on Facebook if I choose to set my mind on it. That way, I can actually conserve the time and use it somewhere more…efficient, such as doing homework and getting more sleep. I have decided that I will no longer be constantly attached to it.

The past few days have been hard – especially the first two days. BUT! I’m proud of myself for holding out.

Good bye, “Torture,” and hello FACEBOOK! 😀

Facebook Free – Day 5

Today is the last day of our Facebook free campaign and at the end of the day, I will be on Facebook for hours once again. Even though I lasted 5 days without Facebook, I am very eager to go back onto the site. Honestly, I felt like the week went by really fast, mainly because I had a lot of studying and homework that occupied me. I had a quiz on Wednesday and test this morning. With Facebook out of the question, I was able to spend more of my time studying without zoning off into Facebook half the time. Also, because I was not allowed to go on Facebook, I went to bed earlier which felt really good and comfortable.

This week has been very interesting and I hope I will take out what I learned from this experiment. 😀

Facebook Free – Day 5

My name is Henry Han.

My teacher from the ICT 12 course from Pinetree Secondary has devised a plan, a plan for us to not use facebook for a full week, starting today.

This is day five.

Today’s the final day of our facebook free experiment. I’ve discovered on my own some really interesting results: That even though I don’t use facebook as much, it still is a sizable chunk of my life. I’ve also found that many people are starting to question me and my absence on facebook.

Starting today, I won’t be using facebook as much as I used to be. I guess this would bring back more control and more time over my life. This of course imposing more time to study and do other activities.

This experiment has been really interesting, and I hope that people will make note of this.


Last Day!

Finally the day has come, the longest week ever. This week has been pretty easy other than the fact I was always tempted to go on Facebook. I think that not using Facebook has improved my ability to do other things like studying and doing other significant things other than wasting my time just scrolling around on Facebook. I now realized how using my time productively can improve my life.


Facebook Free Day 5

Today is the last day of no facebook for our class. Despite being able to endure 5 days without facebook I must admit I am eager to log on once again. The week felt shorter for since I had my homework done sooner I was able to take around 3 hour naps. In addition to this assertion, I actually felt that my time wasn’t wasted as it was before and that I was using it wisely instead of just randomly browsing the net like a zombie. But the week itself was easy but I’ll say it again though. Child’s play.


At long laaaast it’s friday now 🙂 I’m going back to Facebook toooday! It has been a good experience not logging in to Facebook for a week. It wasn’t that easy and I will still be on Facebook everyday :p 🙂


Abstaining from Facebook does nothing to an infrequent Facebook user such as I.

That is my conclusion.



Facebook Free – Day 2,3 & 4

Ok…i know these are 3 different days in one post…but i haven’t got time to post…

DAY 2 – Ok, this has no effect on me. Besides, I haven’t been on a computer all day….so it doesn’t really matter :).

DAY 3 – Wednesday, and all I can say is, IT’S HALF OVER! I’m getting kinda bored without people to chat to, and I really want to play tetris battle! I’m just happy I’m not addicted to games like Farmville and Fronteirville, then I would be panicking (OH NO! MY CROPS ARE DYING!). Sorry to those who are addicted…didn’t mean to insult you peoples :p

DAY 4 – Well…i have long block off today…and I can’t spend it on Facebook. Because I want to play tetris, i decided to make an account on Tetris Friends. It’s good enough for the time being. Let’s just say, once 3:00 strikes tomorrow…i’ll be back on Facebook. People in my orchestra I think are trying to contact me, and raging right now 😀 !!!

-Jordan Y (ICT 11: Modular Survey Block 4)


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