Day 3 – Appropriate challenge

If the challenge was to cut off an oft-used method of social interaction over the internet, why should I be restricting myself of Facebook, which I never used in my life?

I thought I’d try imposing a different challenge, and that is to cut off all methods of communication to other people over the Internet. It is certainly a more drastic challenge, but it will be the surefire method for inducing any kind of withdrawal-like symptoms.

I have been a frequent user of instant messengers for a majority of my lifetime — since my acquisition of any Internet connection. I always like to leave any messenger programs on, just in case anyone has anything to say to me. It does not require much attention to keep up with any messages directed to me, thus I am not wasting any time ‘checking’ it.

In this regard, I never understood the point of having a Facebook account- if I am using it to interact with people I already know in real life, why not just use a speedier, more convenient IM, or better yet, meet them in real life? Only other use, I assume, is to find new acquaintances over the net through Facebook’s interests-based search system, which would create the problem of Internet addiction- and, even then, why must it be Facebook?

I’m sure those who are actually affected by this challenge will find their ways around to not using Facebook. Come on; it’s the Internet.

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