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mm’kay.  day 4, more than halfway there.  Slept at 9:00 pm last night, and yet, still tired.  :l

Watching that e-waste video reminded me on how the human race is: terrible.  We’re nothing but parasites, ungratefully stealing from the planet.  We think whoever drives Priuses, recycle everything, compost as hippies, but I made a pact to old Mother Earth: she’d get off my back if I get off hers. We need to learn that our resources, in fact, will deplete one day.  Life isn’t great all the damn time.

As for Facebook, however, I’ve managed to stay away from it.  Everything works out nice in the end.  It’ll be fine. We’ll manage to defeat the need to Facebook, together.



Yesterday was really boring.
I felt isolated and bored.

Day Four Without FB.

Nothing has changed since Day one.  

I’m not an avid user of Facebook because I ‘m not interested in the latest gossip and whatnot. I don’t have a computer in the room where I study so I’m not tempted to surf the net. Rather, in my free time I do things like playing video games, watching television, or using the computer. Even though I use the PC quite a lot, I don’t consider Facebook to be an website worth visiting dozens of times an hour. I wish I WAS addicted to it so that I’d actually have something to write about during this challenge.

Facebook Free – Day 4 :D (Adrian Ho)

Day 4 is here, and Day 5 is only a day away! [citation needed].

So, yesterday I told my father (at around 6:30 PM) that I’d be taking a nap to revitalize my sleep schedule, since I’d been sleeping at around 2-3:00 AM in the past few days.

He said alright, but told me that dinner was in about an hour so I’d better wake up by then.

I slept fitfully.

So I woke up at 11:35 PM. I hurried onto MSN, just to see what had happened in my five-year absence.


Narane says:

  • time to die



A five-hour nap. I think I’d call it beauty sleep but I was far from happy. I learned that both my dad and my sister were fast asleep… nobody had bothered to wake each other up. I missed dinner even, and we were eating some delicious congee, chicken wings and salmon sashimi from Sushi Town.

 (While we’re on the topic of Sushi Town, I’ve noticed that many order the ‘Spicy Salmon Sashimi’, which simply involves ruining the dish with a tsunami of Sriracha Chili Sauce (store-bought, probably from Superstore!), poured liberally over the salmon until it looks like a bloody mound. Why would you do that? Why would you ruin a sumptuous, umami-gravid platter of salmon fillets with chili sauce? You’re numbing your taste-buds from that fresh-fish taste and replacing it with spiciness… which really is not needed! It will be a mystery forever.)

I realized that I’d not done my super-intense Post Card fiction project for Creative Writing 12. (I’d only done about three out of the ten two hundred word pieces with a focus on description and power-verbs.) I had to pick a central theme, and being the angst-ridden pubescent teenager I was, I chose alienation — social alienation at that.

Continuing my pieces based upon ever-so chipper topics like divorce, imprisonment, insanity and racism, I steadily ran out of ideas and I found myself staring blankly at the computer screen, half-way done and with meagre droplets of idea juice trickling out of my brain and onto the keyboard. This was, unfortunately at 3:00 AM in the morning. And I was still very awake, and still on the internet, and still playing computer games.

But wait! You’re probably saying to yourself “God/Gosh, why the heck doesn’t this idiot write something at least tangentially related to Facebook Free?”


A little narrative I’d picked up was an estranged, eccentric grandmother who had lost the ability to speak due to disease and disability, and only communicated to her grandchildren through written letters, but enthusiastically at that. Her grandchildren would playfully call her Gramma Amish and other technologically backwards names (I’d even titled the silly piece Luddite). So eventually I’d found a thought-evoking theme! Alienation and separation from technology… an old woman who had been left on the wayside by a society that had evolved far, far past the olden days where face-to-face communication reigned supreme. Now we have all these devices and systems to communicate, and we’re constantly moving away from seemingly outdated means of socialization.

So, yeah, that’s that. I’ve been holding on absolutely fine, though I would be (morbidly) interested in mercilessly tracking down our Facebook-savvy peers, viewing their accounts (totally not stalker-like) and checking their ‘last updated’ statuses and walls just to see if they’ve been attempting hiding their activity or broadcasting their efforts… or not.

One day left!


Day 4- Nearing that end

It’s very close now. There’s the end of the week right there, but I still haven’t seen anyone crack. Reading the others’ blog posts, I only see hints of people cracking, but absolutely no one seems to be in any distress. Perhaps the Facebook users have been sneaking on every day in the privacy of their own homes, and perhaps this class just has too many people who were Facebook-free in the first place. Man, I want to see people freaking out.

In any case, I have to wonder: what are people achieving through this challenge? Was it to see the effects of change on people who frequent Facebook more often than they walk in their lives? I’ll never believe that there is such a person unless I see for myself, and I definitely haven’t seen one in this class. Everyone here either reads, plays games, or surfs the Internet – after having finished their work (of course, heh heh)- but it’s so very rare that I see a Facebook page on anyone’s screen when I look around. I still do not see the effects of restricting students from going to Facebook in this class.

However, all of these words are coming from me: the guy who doesn’t even have a Facebook account, and can’t believe that there are Facebook addicts in the first place. There still isn’t a guarantee I’m right, because we still have to see the very last day of this challenge. We’ll have to see for ourselves before concluding anything, eh?

My Facebook Account… – Day 4

Now I am starting to really wonder what is happening with my Facebook account… I suspect that there must be like a zillion messages sent to me… They would think that I am dead or something. (I have not clearly stated that I am participating in such campaign)

Friends of mine that live way over Eastern Canada would think that I am a goner. I think they might erase me from their Friends’ list, thinking that I have quit Facebook.

Oh… I miss Facebook…

Now I realize how I took Facebook for granted; I have never thought about how valuable Facebook is to me.

Oh… I miss it…

Facebook Free Week-Day4

    Hi, my name is Nelson . Today is the fourth day of our Facebook Free Week.

    I still didn’t  use Facebook last night but I used MSN  to tell some of  my

friends what happened in this week.They were all interested  in this project

as me.I told  them to try to not use Facebook for two days because i want to

have some other people’s thoughts to put in this blog.Most of my friends said

they would try it but probably they will  cheat…..

    Facebook becomes a big part of most of young people’s life.(even adults)

That is  the truth!!

Day 4 – Fort Invasion

I have successfully broken through the enemy of mine named “Temptation.”

Day 4, and still no sign of Facebook. I don’t know how I have managed so far without signing in – I think I have gotten rid of the habit.  I must admit, I thought I would end up cheating when I started taking part in this campaign. As a person who also leaves Facebook on and just opens another tab to do homework (and other deeds), I thought the empty first tab would haunt me through the 5 survival days. But NOPE! I’m doing alright and I am so close to winning my battle.

Today, I got a text message from a friend who was asking what the First Nations homework was. She continued to explain how she was going to ask on my wall, but saw my status set to “No Facebook until Friday” and texted me. I guess by not going on Facebook, I’m exceeding the normal amount of texting I do.

Only 10 hours and 15 minutes until I dominate my enemy.

Oh the misery…! Day 4 :D

Oh another day filled with joy and laughter and comedy and whatever else has been bestowed upon our mundane lives without Facebook. Oh who am I kidding… We all probably find other ways to enjoy our free (or sometimes not free) time by playing video games, watching tv, or even walk our dogs for two hours. If things were that nice we wouldn’t be sitting here writing about what we would do in our free time.

Restrictions, restrictions, restrictions… Aren’t they just so fabulous? If there is no parental control most of us would be going wild and partying all night long on a school night. As a matter of fact, our parents wouldn’t mind us doing anything we want! Only if things were that nice we wouldn’t be sitting here writing abou what we would do in our free time.

Woah, deja vu…

Facebook Free Day 4

On the 4th day of not using facebook, I have found that I no longer need to actually restraint myself from using it consciously but rather I have forgotten even the existence of it until I recieve and email from facebook or what not. This is actually a quite interesting experience because I’ve been implementing some study habits that I would not have with the presence of facebook such as not leaving the computer with facebook on or having a youtube video in the background. In fact I now turn my monitor off and only use my computer for music when studying. So with this effect without facebook, I am more curious as to how I will study when the restraint is removed.


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