Day 4 – Fort Invasion

I have successfully broken through the enemy of mine named “Temptation.”

Day 4, and still no sign of Facebook. I don’t know how I have managed so far without signing in – I think I have gotten rid of the habit.  I must admit, I thought I would end up cheating when I started taking part in this campaign. As a person who also leaves Facebook on and just opens another tab to do homework (and other deeds), I thought the empty first tab would haunt me through the 5 survival days. But NOPE! I’m doing alright and I am so close to winning my battle.

Today, I got a text message from a friend who was asking what the First Nations homework was. She continued to explain how she was going to ask on my wall, but saw my status set to “No Facebook until Friday” and texted me. I guess by not going on Facebook, I’m exceeding the normal amount of texting I do.

Only 10 hours and 15 minutes until I dominate my enemy.

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