Day 4- Nearing that end

It’s very close now. There’s the end of the week right there, but I still haven’t seen anyone crack. Reading the others’ blog posts, I only see hints of people cracking, but absolutely no one seems to be in any distress. Perhaps the Facebook users have been sneaking on every day in the privacy of their own homes, and perhaps this class just has too many people who were Facebook-free in the first place. Man, I want to see people freaking out.

In any case, I have to wonder: what are people achieving through this challenge? Was it to see the effects of change on people who frequent Facebook more often than they walk in their lives? I’ll never believe that there is such a person unless I see for myself, and I definitely haven’t seen one in this class. Everyone here either reads, plays games, or surfs the Internet – after having finished their work (of course, heh heh)- but it’s so very rare that I see a Facebook page on anyone’s screen when I look around. I still do not see the effects of restricting students from going to Facebook in this class.

However, all of these words are coming from me: the guy who doesn’t even have a Facebook account, and can’t believe that there are Facebook addicts in the first place. There still isn’t a guarantee I’m right, because we still have to see the very last day of this challenge. We’ll have to see for ourselves before concluding anything, eh?

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