Facebook Free – Day 4 :D (Adrian Ho)

Day 4 is here, and Day 5 is only a day away! [citation needed].

So, yesterday I told my father (at around 6:30 PM) that I’d be taking a nap to revitalize my sleep schedule, since I’d been sleeping at around 2-3:00 AM in the past few days.

He said alright, but told me that dinner was in about an hour so I’d better wake up by then.

I slept fitfully.

So I woke up at 11:35 PM. I hurried onto MSN, just to see what had happened in my five-year absence.


Narane says:

  • time to die



A five-hour nap. I think I’d call it beauty sleep but I was far from happy. I learned that both my dad and my sister were fast asleep… nobody had bothered to wake each other up. I missed dinner even, and we were eating some delicious congee, chicken wings and salmon sashimi from Sushi Town.

 (While we’re on the topic of Sushi Town, I’ve noticed that many order the ‘Spicy Salmon Sashimi’, which simply involves ruining the dish with a tsunami of Sriracha Chili Sauce (store-bought, probably from Superstore!), poured liberally over the salmon until it looks like a bloody mound. Why would you do that? Why would you ruin a sumptuous, umami-gravid platter of salmon fillets with chili sauce? You’re numbing your taste-buds from that fresh-fish taste and replacing it with spiciness… which really is not needed! It will be a mystery forever.)

I realized that I’d not done my super-intense Post Card fiction project for Creative Writing 12. (I’d only done about three out of the ten two hundred word pieces with a focus on description and power-verbs.) I had to pick a central theme, and being the angst-ridden pubescent teenager I was, I chose alienation — social alienation at that.

Continuing my pieces based upon ever-so chipper topics like divorce, imprisonment, insanity and racism, I steadily ran out of ideas and I found myself staring blankly at the computer screen, half-way done and with meagre droplets of idea juice trickling out of my brain and onto the keyboard. This was, unfortunately at 3:00 AM in the morning. And I was still very awake, and still on the internet, and still playing computer games.

But wait! You’re probably saying to yourself “God/Gosh, why the heck doesn’t this idiot write something at least tangentially related to Facebook Free?”


A little narrative I’d picked up was an estranged, eccentric grandmother who had lost the ability to speak due to disease and disability, and only communicated to her grandchildren through written letters, but enthusiastically at that. Her grandchildren would playfully call her Gramma Amish and other technologically backwards names (I’d even titled the silly piece Luddite). So eventually I’d found a thought-evoking theme! Alienation and separation from technology… an old woman who had been left on the wayside by a society that had evolved far, far past the olden days where face-to-face communication reigned supreme. Now we have all these devices and systems to communicate, and we’re constantly moving away from seemingly outdated means of socialization.

So, yeah, that’s that. I’ve been holding on absolutely fine, though I would be (morbidly) interested in mercilessly tracking down our Facebook-savvy peers, viewing their accounts (totally not stalker-like) and checking their ‘last updated’ statuses and walls just to see if they’ve been attempting hiding their activity or broadcasting their efforts… or not.

One day left!


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