Day 1: Facebook Free

Two things quickly crossed my mind when I heard about the ‘Facebook Free’ challenge; firstly, “What the hell is Facebook?” and then, “Oh, right, Facebook, yeah; that’s going to be very easy.”

Just 2 months ago, it was a complete news to me that there was such thing called a ‘Facebook addiction’; I had never expected that such thing called a ‘social networking site’ could become popular enough to cross the boundaries between real life and the Internet. Let’s all take a step back and try to comprehend it word for word here: “Social networking website”. It had been a rule that relationships never cross the internet-real life borders properly – yet there it was, on the computer screens of every other person, the logo of Facebook.

What Facebook essentially does is facilitate relationships through specific criteria based on interests; this just feels like a family-friendly version of online dating. This system caused a lot of users to send too much of their personal information over the Internet (those idiots!). These Facebook user had little privacy over the net; with a shred of information that could track them back to their Facebook page – even something as simple as an e-mail address – anyone over the internet could find out a lot about the user.

Consequences will never be the same.

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