Day One Without FB.

So this is my first day of the week without Facebook. And guess what? I’m still alive.

Facebook isn’t a really important part of my life. I don’t log in on a daily basis. Occasionally, when I DO happen to wonder what everyone’s up to, I can surf for hours on end looking through the statuses, videos, invites, and other stuff that my friends have posted. I hardly write anything myself. But, later I get distracted by something much more meaningful- real life. I think that this Facebook-free week will not make much of a difference– my life will go on.

Pros of Facebook:

  • You can connect with friends and relatives who live far away or who you just don’t see very often.
  • It’s an ingenious way to use up your free time with games like Farmville or Jetman- but that has a negative side as well.

Cons of Facebook:

  • It can be a huge WASTE of time. Once you start, it’s pretty difficult to stop. A serious problem if you’re supposed to be doing something more important.
  • Most “friends” on Facebook are just people you know through other friends, but don’t really hang out with or even like.
  • Cyber-bullying. Enough said.

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