Facebook Free – Day 2

Well, it’s already day 2 of our Facebook free project. All I can say right now is that I am really eager to go onto the site. I found that every single time that I open up a new tab on my browser, my fingers automatically type in Facebook as if it was second nature. So for the past day, I have had to backspace a lot due to the fact that I always type it in automatically.

During yesterday’s day of no Facebook, I still spent most of my time on the computer and just randomly surfing the web. I didn’t spend more time watching television or studying. The reason behind this is that I did not have any homework at all yesterday. However, one thing that changed was that after I ran out of sites to look at, I started talking to my brothers about random topics and we just talked about random things for an hour and a half.

I think that I can totally keep on going at this for the rest of the week. It will definitely be something difficult to do but it is something that is possible. From what I experienced yesterday, I think that this is definitely harder than I expected. This is mainly due to the fact that my fingers are so used to typing out facebook on the browser.

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