Facebook Free Day 2 :D


Wow… it’s been already 2 days since I quit facebook… I can’t believe it.

I feel weird….. I feel like… I am trying to quit smoking… I am not saying that I have experienced that before. However, I consider that quitting Facebook for me is as painful as smokers quitting smoking. In terms of my daily habits, I cannot stop going on MSN now. Also, I am now using my cell phone more frequently to socialize with my friends. Overall, I consider that stopping the usage of Facebook really saves some spare time for me; I can use the spare time to watch TV, phone friends, and do some exercise.

I believe that I will get through the rest of the week without cheating. I can see that it is going to be very painful and challenging, but I believe that I will be able to endure it.

It is definitely harder than I have imagined… I thought it was just going to be a joke. However, this campaign is actually turning into a painful and torturous one for me. Not that I blame Mr. Hamlin for this 😀

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