Facebook Free – Day 2

My name is Henry Han.

My teacher from the ICT 12 course from Pinetree Secondary has devised a plan, a plan for us to not use facebook for a full week, starting today.

This is day two.

Since yesterday, life without facebook hasn’t changed much. I’ve gotten only 1 notification from my iPod, but I haven’t checked it yet. Without facebook, I feel like that I have abit more free time, like another 15 minutes. I actually used that time to study and read the novel that we’re doing in English class, 1984. For day one, all I’ve felt was that I’ve had a little bit more free time. All communications have been going through MSN as well as textPlus on my iPod.

For the rest of the week, I think that students will start to cave in and cheat by attempting to go on facebook. I seriously don’t think a lot of people will last throughout the week without facebook. It’s just too much of an influence on normal, daily lives.

On a personal level, I think that this might be harder than I think it is. Another gateway of communication being cut-off. Although I don’t use facebook as much, I found out that most of my communications actually goes through facebook. Who knows what this will become by then end of the week?

We’ll see how this goes 😀

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