Facebook Free – Day Three :D (Adrian Ho)

Apart from a slight tightness welling up within my bowels, I don’t feel too different, and the fact that I keep spelling ‘to’ instead of ‘too.’ It’s been plaguing me since seventh grade where a friend (Alan Luk, in this class as well!) and I were doing a display board project on Costa Rica (I remember going to the dollar store with my mother and purchasing copious amounts of inexpensive plastic shrubbery and fake frogs to add to the presentation’s seductive allure) and I wrote something about ‘working of those carbs’ after consuming large quantities of Costa Rican delicacies.

Since I had a rather pompous, snobby and self-inflated idea of myself being well-versed in the English language, the teacher skimmed over the work quickly (since I had a reputation, embarrassingly, for being an EXCLLTN SPELLR)… only to stop at that single mistake. The largest, most smug feces-eating grin broke across his face as he circled the error with a red pen, sealing my doom forever.

I now wish to punch my younger self in the face for being so stupid.

So enough of that historical stuff. Let’s talk about Facebook.

Ironically, I ‘de-activated’ my Facebook account (oh crap, you can’t delete it!) the day this interesting little experiment started. Luckily I still have no problems at all for the moment, and the only apparent issue would be that I’m slightly amused at how resolute (apparently?) our beloved Facebook addicts are in this effort. I highly doubt they’d admit to cheating anyway.

I’m quite glad that I deactivated my Facebook page, because most of the things I wrote on it were absolutely ridiculous, like hailing from Zimbabwe, following the religion of Raptor Jesus and telling others to not voice their opinions because it wasn’t healthy. I also was being ‘tagged’ in pictures where I looked like a glasses-wearing pre-pubescent asian youth.

Oh, wait.

Then again, I did grow a bit taller and my voice got slightly deeper. Though I still wear glasses and my voice is prone to cracking. Being in twelfth grade this isn’t exactly helping anything.

I’ve been asked about three times if I go to this school / am in this tweflth grade class. In December 2010 I went to Science World for a Biology 12 field trip. Body Worlds, to be specific. And as I lined up to enter, I stood beside a very tall friend of mine. A teacher from the school strode up to me and tried to confirm that I went to Pinetree Secondary.

That wasn’ t the nicest experience.

I’m still asian, if that helps. And still quite short — rippling with testosterone!

Anyway, since we’re about halfway through… Best of luck to those few people holding on. If they are.


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