death on two legs

mmhmm.  the third day.  stayed up to 5:00 am working, surprisingly, and not gaming.  Magicka seemed pretty damn fun, too, but I couldn’t spare time to be distracted.

Ehh.  It’s hard to avoid Facebook, ’cause it’s everywhere.  I do have to question and resist,  but it doesn’t screw my brain ’til it hurts.  It’s like any other day in an ordinary week.

If you’re seriously having a Facebook addiction, you probably never had a heart of your own, anyways, so there’s nothing to fear.  You’ve probably followed all your friends and just went along with them, never did anything that made you stick out.  Quite pathetic, actually.

Maybe I’m just cranky today from a lack of sleep.  Not much to write anymore.  I’ll check in with you tomorrow.



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