Facebook Free – Day 3 and 4

Well, I didn’t have a new post yesterday so I am going to include yesterday’s post with today’s.

Day 3 – I still haven’t caved in, but I got pretty close. At one point of my day, I had already finished all of my homework due to the fact that I could focus on getting my homework done instead of surfing around facebook. After I finished all of my homework, I had nothing else to do so I was really tempted to go onto facebook. However, I stayed strong. Instead, I found a way to kill the time and I decided to take an hour and a half nap. I think that as the week comes to an end, I will become more and more happy.

Day 4 – Still haven’t caved in. During day 4, I was out for most of the day, so that contributed to my facebook free week. After school, I stayed out for sports training until 8 at night, so by the time I got home, I needed to focus all of my time onto finishing my homework and studying for a quiz. Hopefully, I can keep this up until the end of class on Friday. I have a big test Friday morning, so I will need to study heavily on Thursday without any distractions.

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