Facebook Free – Day 4

My name is Henry Han.

My teacher from the ICT 12 course from Pinetree Secondary has devised a plan, a plan for us to not use facebook for a full week, starting today.

This is day four.

The experiment seems to get easier by the hour. No longer am I thinking of checking my notifications, thinking about new posts and pictures, etc. It seems like I’ve almost completely cut off facebook from my life..almost.

There’s only one more day left, and now I highly doubt I’ll be visiting the site as much as I did in the past. Facebook now seems to be a thing of the past, an outdated service that used to be available. Now that I’m mentally cleared of facebook, I now have a lot more time for other activities, and time for studying have greatly increased.

I’m excited of what will become of this experiment. Maybe this experiment will spread to other schools and district, and it doesn’t even have to be limited in Canada only. This experiment could possible spread throughout the world.

One more day left guys, let’s see if we can keep this up 😀

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