Facebook Free – Day 1

Our ICT class is on a campaign for a facebook free week. We will not be able to go on facebook for 5 days. During this process we will be seeing the effects of not going on facebook such has both positive and negative effects on our lives.

We are starting our facebook free campaign today and we were allowed to update our status one last time before we officially stopped using facebook for the week.

In my opinion, some pros of have the access to facebook would be the efficiency to contact friends. However, other than to contact friends, then facebook is quite boring. Most of the time when I am on facebook, I am not actually doing anything other than surfing the site and looking at the statuses of others.|

Some cons of facebook would probably the fact that people easily lose track of time on the site. They will be too busy on facebook that they do not have time for their studies and own hobbies.

During these 5 days, I think I will be able to do more of my own hobbies and activities. I will probably have more time to finish my homework as well as get in more time for studying and reading. Hopefully, there would be plenty of positive results by the end of the week.

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