Facebook Free Day 1

Our ICT 11 class is attempting a study on the effects of not using Facebook for 5 days. I expect many varying results depending on the type of person, their personality, and how much they use it regularly will affect their willpower to resist using.

The reason for this study is because of many controversial pros and cons about the use of Facebook. On one side, people insist that Facebook is a place of human networking, communication and interaction between world’s netizens and that it is also very good for connecting with new people or reviving old friends. Conversly, others disagree and say that Facebook is a waste of valuable time and that it has too many people spending more time on the computer.

Personally, this project will easy for me as I dont use it intesnsely anyways other than the occasional “happy birthday” or expressing some emotion in the form of a status, because really, if i wanted to deeply interact with someone or share a funny video I do it through msn anyways. So without a doubt, I am almost certain I will have the willpower to resist using facebook and this should be child’s play for me.

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