Facebook Free – Day 1

My name is Henry Han.

My teacher from the ICT 12 course from Pinetree Secondary has devised a plan, a plan for us to not use facebook for a full week, starting today.

This is day one.

We were allowed to post one last status post on our wall, and check our last messages. We were then instructed to log off, and not use facebook..until friday.

Facebook hasn’t really impacted my life at all. All it really did to me was make communication to my friends easier. I also found facebook a great way to collaborate with friends as a group, able to share many things like videos and pictures.

On the negative side, however, I found that some of the apps found on facebook can really get you hooked onto it. Games like “Farmville”, etc have really got their concepts into people’s minds. There are news all over the place about people that can’t just get enough of planting vegetables and taking care of them.

Personally, I don’t think it’s going to affect me much during the course of these 5 das without facebook. Then again, this is personal. Other people may have many different thoughts on facebook. I have many other ways of communicating to friends anyways, like a cellphone or using an instant messaging service.

During these 5 days, I think that there would be a variety of results. Our teacher has told us that there’s only been one other school in North America that has done this experiment before, and it showed that there was a 30% increase in class attentiveness. I personally think that some people may not be able to do it, and that other may attempt to implement a workaround to get to facebook somehow.

Then again, this is just day one, and we’ve barely started. Let’s see how well this week goes 😀

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