Facebook Free – Day One

I’ve personally never really been fond of Facebook, so I doubt this endeavour will benefit me much.  I only signed up for Facebook because I was curious; I rarely ever use Facebook.  Barring yesterday, the last time I logged onto Facebook was sometime in November, if I remember correctly.

With that being said, I wish everyone else good luck.

List a couple ways that Facebook positively impacts your life.

  • Improved communication with friends
  • Good way to obtain information about relevant upcoming events

List a couple of ways that it may negatively impact your life.

  • Is a procrastination tool
  • There may be privacy concerns

How will it affect you going for 5 days without accessing it?

  • No effect

What do you predict will be the outcome of the week?

  • I will not use Facebook for a week, and my life will be more or less the same.


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