Facebook Free – Day 2 :D (Adrian Ho)

So, day two and I feel exactly the same.

As we’ve sort of established before, most of the people in the class aren’t frequent users of Facebook so it’s hard to coax a reaction out of us.. cold.. monotone and anti-social(sociopathic), deviants.

An awesome game was released on Steam and I stayed up ’till 2:00 AM playing it with Narane (but his blog is still a template).

My prediction for the week… has not changed in the slightest, nor has it been any easier or harder than I’d imagined this to be.

Maybe there’s really no such thing as a Facebook addiction. Maybe it’s more of an internet addiction — heck, I think I’m addicted to the series of tubes. If you cut that internet down (with a fire axe) you’ll excise the tumour that’s the source of the problem. If internet access restrictions can be placed upon such ‘Faceobook addicts’ then there’ll be no need to call the cyber police (and the state police) and the consequences might as well be the same. And we’ll all not have dun goof’d.

 I lose all will to stay on the computer if the internet’s down… or dead. I just go off and do something else, surprisingly! It might just be the same with those poor, poor people with their Facebook addictions.


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