First post on the second day!

Well, it’s been a tough Monday (or not). Yesterday I had some technical difficulties (D:<) which my email which forbidded me access to this wonderful, wonderful site. I don’t particularly use Facebook for things other than website signups and maybe some volunteer work, etc… Maybe, it’s not that useful for me since MSN (woot!) is just so much more convenient (well in my opinion it is ^^). If there’s anything to talk about, it would be how unusual it is that this is only the second group which has been officially piloting the Facebook Free blog. It doesn’t really give a warm and fuzzy feel inside being the special ones. Some people might even get annoyed because they want to go on Facebook but apparently they are not allowed to (well it’s hard to say whether or not they broke the rules yet). Well that’s all for today, even though I didn’t write much, but oh well…

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